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Monday, 13 June 2011 14:12
Megan Carpenter - wyomings call of the wild

A glittery red and black boat raced up to the dock, its passenger shouting to a girl on shore.

“Are you ready to go fishing today, young lady? Day two of fishing boot camp.”

The girl wearing a pink sweatshirt started to climb aboard, but a videographer had to adjust her microphone.

Take two.

The boat raced up again. The girl in pink stood ready, but the dock shook too much.

Take three.


Orion Multimedia filmed the second segment of a 13-part reality TV show “Call of the Wild” last week for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department at Glendo Reservoir. The series, which will cost $300,000, is part of the department’s goal to increase kids’ interest in Wyoming’s outdoors.

Each segment features something from Wyoming’s hunting and fishing heritage. On June 1, it was walleye fishing.

The crew filmed for three days, guided by Wyoming’s largest walleye fishing club, the North Platte Walleyes Unlimited.

On take three, walleye fishing pro Ken Mayer’s red and black boat raced up for the final time.

“There she is, Megan, the queen of walleye fishing,” the boat’s passenger said.

This time the girl in pink boarded and the boat raced off, seemingly for a day of fishing.

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About 'Call of the Wild'

Call of the Wild: Generation Next in Wyoming will make its premiere debut on the Sportsman Channel in 2012. This cutting edge program will feature all of the natural wonders that Wyoming has to offer through the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, while introducing ‘Generation Next’ to a life in the outdoors. Through interesting personal insights from kids selected to participate, the series will motivate participants and viewers alike to get out and experience the wonders of the wild with family and friends so that they will become the next generation of sportsmen.

Not only will Call of the Wild introduce these kids to both hunting and fishing lifestyles, but will also provide an awakening to the impact that a life in the outdoors can provide. Through a child’s own personal struggles or situations, audiences will travel on their journey of transformation and empowerment that only outdoor activities can provide. Audiences will be inspired to turn to the outdoors as an escape and to refresh their souls through all that Mother Nature has to offer. Through hunting and fishing excursions, our cast of kids will learn a new respect for the wildlife populations of Wyoming and gain valuable knowledge of hunting and fishing techniques as well as conservation efforts in our country.

Whether it’s hunting for whitetail deer and turkey, fishing for trout, salmon or bass, or learning wilderness survival tactics, kids will find strength, confidence and have fun learning about the hobbies that can stay with them for a lifetime. Call of the Wild will showcase the beautiful Wyoming landscape and team up with some of the best hunting and fishing outfitters and guides that the state has to offer.

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